Metal Chimney Caps and Flashing in Ottawa

Not only was a metal cap installed, but the flue liners are also protected.  You can easily see the other chimney's without the installation of the sheet metal service we provide.
What a difference!  It is easy to see the difference.





It is said that in the eyes of average contractors, average is considered outstanding.  Our proven track record of over 36 years clearly demonstrates we are not just average.

This shows a very poorly installed metal cap.  The person who installed this was not a trained sheet metal worker.  The metal had a huge void in the middle, which they covered up with tar and the homeowner was not even aware of the unprofessional job until the picture was shown to him.

Flue liner was damaged and it was not explained to the client and left in this kind of condition.

A totally restored brick chimney with the installation of a metal cap and the protection of all three-flue liners that are also wrapped in sheet metal.  Please note the precise measurement and cuts around the flue liners without the use of any roofing tar.  When roofing tar was applied previously it defeats the whole purpose of the job and the client is left with a future problem.  These two pictures show the difference in work when you hire a handyman versus a certified sheet metal worker who has served a five-year apprenticeship.  The old saying is so true, “you get what you pay for”.

Flashing on side of chimney to allow water and snow to run off without damaging bricks.

Notice the flue liners wrapped in metal. With this method the clay flue liners will no longer deteriorate.

Metal caps are customized for stone chimney's

Sheet metal flashing to cover and protect the brick steps from further deterioration.

It is the same chimney step flashing just showing a different view

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