Ottawa foundation waterproofing services

We are experts in Ottawa foundation waterproofing services. We are experienced and trusted by people in Ottawa to help them prevent leakages from their foundations.

Donovan Complete Masonry assists you in a complete range of foundation repairs from waterproofing to underpinning, structural work and drainage systems.

Wet basement and flooding problems can be really frustrating. Donovan Complete Masonry offers you a solution. Our team of professional tradesmen will help you to prevent leakage in your basement and even repair the already damaged foundations by carefully waterproofing them.

Our foundation waterproofing service involves both interior and exterior work to eliminate all possibilities of water damaging your house. We have different materials each with different applications depending on the situation around your home. We always assess your basement first to help us tailor a unique solution to fit your property.

Ottawa foundation waterproofing services

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