Above Grade Foundation Repairs in Ottawa

Parging, the thin coat of cement that covers many foundations is an important aspect of your home. Especially important with block foundations, parging helps to waterproof the block and protect exposed joints. As you can see in the picture below, the parging on this foundation has cracked and fallen off over time leaving the block open to damage.

The two pictures below show the progression of the repair including the preparation work and the replacement of the damaged block. Attention to detail is very important in repairs at ground level. A lot of heat is lost at the joint between your house and its foundation, so the proper approach in necessary when undertaking any foundation work. Notice the forms that are securely fastened to the foundation allowing for a thicker and level coating.

The completed job looks as good if not better than new. Notice that the downspout is installed to take roof water away from the foundation.

This is the front foundation of the garage before any restoration

Close up of the damaged garage foundation.  Notice how the brick overhangs foundation.

The blue look of the foundation is a concrete bonding agent.  Never apply new masonry on old masonry without a bonding agent.  Professional companies will never use substandard materials to win any contracts.  As you can see, we have installed wooden forms on the front and the sides.  This is why our corners look as if you can shave on them.  When parging is completed, the wood forms are removed.

The front of the garage is completed.  Notice how straight the corners are.  A superior job does not have to mean unreasonable pricing.

Close up of finished product.  Notice the difference between the second picture (damaged area) versus the restored look.

Removing all eroded and spalling concrete from the foundation.  Donovan Masonry does not apply a temporary band-aid to their work.  This phase is extremely important.

The blue bonding agent is being applied after the wooden forms have been installed.

First coat has been applied to foundation.  On this job, the day is done and you cannot apply a second coat before the first coat has dried.

The completion of the final coat is being applied to the side of the garage.  The green masking tape is there for the protection of the brick.  The final coat is a specialized protection agent.  You never paint concrete.  This type of craftsmanship is a lost art.

Green tape has been removed and you are looking at the flawless results of professional masonry restoration.  Keep in mind the sealer comes in a variety of different colours for the property owner to choose.  This is a very unique product.  Unfortunately, many contractors are not even aware of this application.  What a difference it makes!

The old parging is being removed to a sound base.  We do not just apply a temporary Band-Aid by spreading a thin coating of parging.

This shows the scoring of the foundation base to allow the new parging to adhere.

Notice the taping of the stone on the garage to ensure that no parging will accidentally be applied to the stone.  As I am sure as a homeowner you know, that once parging that has hardened on stone or brick will not be able to be removed.  It is the little items, like taking the time to protect ones property, that makes a difference between a normal job and a professional job.  For homeowners who are looking for an economical parging job, (meaning a skim coat applied), that is not what we do.  If you look through our website, all of our clients take pride in home ownership and are not interested in bargain basement deals.  They completely understand it is an investment and there is a cost for this type of service.

Completed parging job on garage.

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