Ottawa chimney repairs and repointing

Chimney rebuilding and repairs are not a hobby for us, we've made it our profession for over 35 years!

Most companies will tell a consumer that their chimney has to be torn down completely. The main reason for that there a very few professional brick pointers around anymore. There is more of a profit in a tear down compared to repointing of the chimney.

We pride ourselves on being able to save many chimney from the fate of being torn down. When you tear a chimney down, the chances of getting an exact match for the colour and texture of the original bricks is very unlikely.

Donovan Masonry is extremely proud and honored to be selected by the leading authority of chimney's as the number one chimney builder and repairer in the world.  No one has seen more chimney's than this man in the red suit.

In case we do have to tear a chimney down, provide samples for the consumer to choose from (unless of course we find a very close match, then no samples are provided).

Many times we can just tear down a few rows and save the remainder of the original chimney. By repointing of the chimneys we are able to save the heritage look of your home.

We also provide custom services for your metal chimney caps. We have a sheet metal worker on staff who will have the cap custom made for your own chimney.

Once the preparation work was complete, the liners were replaced and the process of rebuilding the top portion of the chimney began.

Donovan's expert eye and technique were able to match the colour and consistency of the original mortar ensuring that the rebuilt portion of the chimney were an exact match to the existing portion. A new cap was the finishing touch on this job.

Erection of scaffolding for a very large chimney.

Side view of scaffold erection.  Notice the large amount of scaffolding required for this high chimney.  Donovan Masonry restores the larger chimneys that many others shy away from because of the height and complexity of the rigging of the scaffolding.

Chimney partially torn down.  Notice exposed flue liner.

Chimney has been rebuilt.  Homeowner has wisely decided on having a metal cap installed to protect the concrete cap from the weather elements.  Can you imagine the cost if the concrete cap had to be repaired and scaffolding had to be erected twice.  Notice that the sheet metal worker is drilling concrete screws to hold the metal cap from blowing off.  If you look at the height from where this man is working, you can just imagine how much wind you would get that high up.

For over 35 years Donovan Masonry's motto has been "Creating New Faces For Old Friends".

When a chimney needs to be replaced, some of our clients choose to go with a beautiful stone look.

Whether you want a facelift on your home, building or just your chimney, we can accommodate you. Many are surprised that there is very little difference in cost. If you give us an idea, we will give you the result.

As a potential client browses the many web sites for a particular service, just about everyone has the same phrase. "We are professional or call the pros". This is a common word used far too loosely. When you are dealing in height and where liabilities and safety are a concern it is imperative to hire a contractor that really is a professional and well equipped.

In 36 years, Donovan Masonry has never had a workman compensation issue or accident. Any homeowner that works with Donovan Masonry can have piece of mind. There are absolutely no liabilities to them, if there was a situation.

We must be honest and the fact is chimney building is dangerous work and is not for everyone. Take time to view some of our chimney work and read the many testimonials by grateful Ottawa homeowners.

We realize many years ago success is never build upon convenience, always inconvenience.  You can call us anytime for bookings and questions.

Even the tree seemed to be amazed in the difference of quality a certified tradesman can perform compared to a handyman.  Look at the eyes and nose, which is quite funny, if I must say so myself.  I believe our work is "eye popping".  This is completely natural with no trick photography.

The completion of another chimney and removing of the scaffold.

Whether your chimney is small or large, Donovan Masonry can undertake your project with a proven track records backed up by 36 years, many testimonials for you to read and we invite you to see the work first hand.

On this particular chimney three bricks needed to be replaced.  After the bricks were replaced, it was repointed 100% and then a custom metal chimney cap was installed.  Notice that we cover our liners too.

It is not uncommon for some to suggest a complete tear down and rebuild just because of a little damage.  You cannot even tell this was restored (repointed) and not rebuilt.


Delivery of good safe equipment to undertake all chimney set ups.  Safe for everyone.

Choosing a contractor is a major decision for some as there are many choices.  Most homeowners know what they want, however, they do not know what they need for a complete professional job.  We hope to educate our clients and visually allow them to see a comparison and talk to past clients and visit our work.

It is a true fact of life if we accept anything but the best we often get it.

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