Ottawa chimney cleaning and sweeping services

We provide chimney cleaning and sweeping services in Ottawa for all chimneys from the smallest to the tallest. Hire our friendly chimney sweepers today and get the job done.

We have made chimney sweeping a profession for over four decades. Homeowners in Ottawa have entrusted us to clean their chimneys for many years. This is not just a hobby for us. We are certified in a wide range of chimney services including chimney sweeping and cleaning.

Chimney cleaning is important as it ensures that your wood burning system has a good smoke outlet which implies clean air in your home.

Chimney cleaning also ensures that your chimney retains its original new luster and also prevents atmospheric pollutants such as acids from forming a coating around the chimney that could damage it.

We also provide chimney sweeping services for those chimneys that are about to be repaired or repointed. This ensures that a mason working on the chimney is able to repoint or repair the chimney with a clear view of its original mortar lines.

Ottawa chimney cleaning services

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