Ottawa caulking services

A caulk is the material used to seal joints or seams against keakage in various structures and piping.

Caulking provides two beneficial purposes. The first is to cosmetically enhance the appearance of a project by closing gaps and creating a smoother transition; The second (and most important) is to provide a seal between two areas or surfaces to keep water from getting into the building or house.

Painters generally use caulking for aesthetic reasons. Uncaulked gaps between: exterior surfaces, between two surfaces, along the top of baseboards, in wood trim, along cabinets and counter-tops – will look unsightly and unprofessional. Caulking eliminates the gaps.

Water intrusion into a home or building can have devastating effects on the property. The water can rot wood, freeze inside masonry and cause defects or potentially create mildew. Caulking is just one basic step to help keep these and other problems from happening.

Like any skill, proper caulking requires practice.

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