Brick and stone repointing in Ottawa

The start of an amazing stone restoration project.  The customer was not satisfied with the bland and dreary looking stone appearance.  Watch the fabulous transformation.  We can do this for anyone should they desire a complete facelift. 

Amazing facelift.  Not a stone was replaced.  The entire home was completely repointed.  When you look at the top picture, it is easy to see what a unskilled tradesman can do to a beautiful home, not to mention, the wrong mortar colour.  There really is a difference between one tradesman to another.  The term professional is used just about by everyone and here is actual evidence that this is not the case.  When you do not have comparisons, average is the norm.  We have never allowed average tradesman to make us look average.  You can not dispute over 36 years of experience.

A close up clearly shows a hidden treasure waiting to be brought back to its days of glory.

Astounding results of a finished professional restoration job.  Many times over you will hear us speaking of creating new faces for old friends.  This is a fine example.  How often do you see beautiful masonry structures being destroyed by patching over and over and creating a spotty quilt like appearance.  When it is done once, you eliminate a constant maintenance program, not to mention turning your home into a weather beaten industrial appearance. 

Once again an appearance with no soul.

For those who wish to have high end restoration and a result and appearance to be proud of Donovan Masonry can achieve this for you.  It is an investment in many ways. 

On a large wall like the one on the picture, repointing is a job that will both beautify the property and extend the life of the brick. Notice that the portion on the left has yet to be pointed and this allows you to see how the joints have been ground out. By doing this all the old, loose mortar is removed, more new mortar will be applied at a consistent depth making this a lasting repair. The brick on the right really "pops" with the application of the new mortar.

This beautiful stone home is approximately seven years old and Donovan Masonry had to repoint the entire residence. The mortar between the stone was literally coming out due to the improper mortar mixture. This is something that should never of happened for many, many years.

Can you imagine being the proud owner of a newer home and find after it is purchased, it needs major repairs? Not all masons are equal, as all pricing is not the same too.

Masonry is an investment and should never be compromised by the sweetness of a low price, as this could be your result. The work is very slow and tedious and very time consuming.

The brick wall had many fractures and holes in the mortar joints and was repointed 100%.  When you look at the wall it is perfected and not patched.  The wall was not even washed after we were finished.

This small area that is outlined is the area that was not finished yet and one can easily see a before and after look.

All work is done free hand.  The workers right hand has what is called a hawk to hold the material on and iron rods called slickers or tuck pointers to apply the mortar.

Caulking tube application or squeeze bag application are sure signs of amateur workmanship.  As one can see, you cannot tell the difference between a restored brick wall and a new constructed brick wall.  When given the opportunity, Donovan Masonry can create a new face for an old friend and the final result is something to be proud of.

Another chimney re-pointed rather than being torn down and rebuilt

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