Brick Repair and Restoration

From time to time brick work becomes so damaged that portions of the wall will need to be replaced. In the example at the left you will notice that the cracking that is apparent on the top left of the wall has caused the arch over the garage door to shift. At this point the integrity of the wall is compromised and an accident could happen where by the brick could fall.

In this second picture you can see that all the brick has been removed and saved from the wall.

Lastly, the wall has been built back up to its original state, complete with arch. By saving the existing brick this entire rebuild matches perfectly and it cost considerably less than it might otherwise have.

This wall has many eroded/spalled bricks that required replacement.

This shows the different sections removed to ensure that there would be no collapses of the wall.

This shows that bracing was required to ensure that the wall did not collapse. Bracing can be a very important part of a restoration project.

This shows the bricks have been replaced. The wall has not been cleaned yet as the foundation also had to be repaired.

Notice the amount of scaffold rigging to ensure that the brick replacement went smoothly. You will notice that the bricks are already on the platform.

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