Donovan Complete Masonry: Letter testimonials

24 June 2018

Victor K. Rono

Kenya, Africa

My name is Victor K.Rono from Africa, a lovely country called Kenya. The worldly traction to modernity and the advent of social media enabled me to meet Donovan Syryduk several months ago and we have been friends since then. I will be haunted if I don’t say that Donovan is a Hercules in his way of doing things. This is because of his boldness in ambition, strength in purpose and fortitude in drive. Ever since our friendship with Donovan Syryduk bloomed, the embers of hard work, resilience and giving ones’ best have been at attention the difference in continent location notwithstanding.

Apart from giving pride of place to diligence, Donovan is a firm crusader of striving to give one’s best which is a towering hallmark in his company ; Donovan Complete Masonry. This is a company that gives pride of place to quality of service, workable quotations and above all, the dexterity of masonry at its best. In every business, experience is a pivotal imperative in rendering of services and this is at the very heart of Donovan Complete Masonry. With forty one years experience in masonry business, Donovan Syryduk has mastered the art of giving the best of what he loves doing best. This is because he works late into the night and is up at the crack of dawn to see to it that clients get value for their money.

Over the months I have known Donovan, we have engaged in robust discussions and strikingly progressive ideas that add value to our lives. We have done a few businesses too such as website design and paper work. All these happened across continents with no contract whatsoever and believe me you, a great working relationship was sparked. Honesty being a tenet Donovan believes in, the business’ success saw the light of day because of his understanding, worthwhile communication and spirit to do good to everyone. With or with no contract, Donovan Syryduk is a man to be trusted and I’d advise anyone across Ottawa to deem it fit to work with him because he is proven, tested and stamped.

In his quest to do good and cast a positive hue to humanity, Donovan Syryduk has a foundation coming up that seeks to help the less privileged in Africa. Through this foundation, Donovan purposes to quench his thirst of lifting someone up and touching their lives. The concrete programs such as motivational talks to the youth and charity in children homes will go a long way to put a smile of someone’s face and joy to their hearts. With such a positive endeavor and cause, It is clear that Donovan is magnetic to the theology of compassion and always desires in the inner depths of his being to do good.

I would highly recommend Donovan Complete Masonry for the best quality because this is a man I have worked with closely and he has proven the test of time.

Donovan Syryduk
4034 Ninth Line Rd.
Winchester, Ontario

Donovan & staff:

I would like to say thank you for the professional work that you and your staff did in re-pointing bricks and repairing damaged parging on my home. It was very apparent to me when we met for an estimate, that you were someone who was dedicated to quality craftsmanship, professionalism and truly a man with morals, values and ethics. I felt you were very thorough and provided me with clear information that assisted me in making my decision to work with you and your organization. I was left with the feeling that you and your organization would not cut corners on materials or workmanship and that the repairs would be performed to the high standards that we both desired. I was left with a clear understanding of the work and the costs involved that would give me the end result I was hoping for.

Prior to me contacting you, I had 5 contractors out to my home to provide me with pricing for the repairs and what a shock that was. The pricing I received ranged from $28,000.00 to $34,000.00 to complete the work (they said had to done) and it was at that time I reached out to you. You saved over 80% of what they quoted for unnecessary work that did not have to be done. I cannot express my gratitude for your honesty in providing me with a true scope of work. You could have easily dropped your price by a few dollars and I would not have been the wiser, but you did not, and that explains in volumes the type of person you are.

I was beyond impressed with the two gentleman (Chris & Chris) that were on site to perform the work. They exceeded my expectations of professionalism. They were very easy to speak with and explained everything to me from start to finish. Those gentleman will certainly make an impact at Donovan Masonry. The representation and workmanship that was shown as employees of Donovan Masonry, I can truly say, I have not witnessed, too many times in my life. It was quite apparent to me that their professionalism & skills were learned from someone with a high caliber of morals, values & ethics.

The words used by those two gentleman "if you are going to do the work, then do it right" have stuck in my head and whenever I look at my home now, that is what I think of.

The actual workmanship was beyond impressive. The old materials were removed and the surfaces were well-prepared for the new mortar.

The areas were cleaned up at all times, making it hard to believe that anyone was doing work on my home.

Overall, I was very impressed with you, your staff and the high quality of work and service performed. Donovan Masonry is truly the
"Mike Holmes" of Ottawa. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I strongly recommend you to others considering any masonry work.

Please feel free to use this letter in your promotional materials as you have earned my highest endorsement for quality work at a reasonable price. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for the same type of work to be performed.

Terri Jones

88 Cohen Avenue
Kanata, Ontario
K2L 4G4

Dear Donovan,

A big thank you again for the work you performed.

As an accomplished do-it-yourselfer, I admit I was planning on taking on the work myself until I met with your team. It was clear from the detailed questions you asked and problems you pointed out that your knowledge would be essential to doing a proper job . It was this attention to detail that made me comfortable that I was leaving my heritage home in solid hands.

The contracting was easy and after we selected a start date, your crew showed up consistently and promptly every day. This is always a concern for me as chasing contractors to complete jobs is a hassle I can do without. The workmanship was skilled and your prime crew member worked hard shifts to get the job done on time.

Aside from the truly first-rate work, the thing that most impressed me was how your crew was respectful to our neighbors, our young daughter and the day-to-day turmoil of busy lives. From someone who is customer facing, I always love some who is eager to accommodate and provide an excellent customer service experience.

The estimate was reasonable and there was no big unexpected bill in the end. And the modest sum you charged for additional work -at my request -was more than fair.

Excellent work, outstanding crew and smooth, fair pricing -I have no hesitation recommending you to anyone asking and I'll certainly call again when the time comes.

Thanks for the great experience.

Best Regards,
John and Lidia

13 August 2013

Donovan Masonry
4034 Ninth Line Road
Winchester, ON K0C 1K0

Dear Donovan,

I must first apologize as I have been remiss in writing this letter.  This summer has seen a steady stream of contractors working on various parts of my house.  While all of those other contractors have been good in their own rights, the work done by your team was by far the best, exceeding my expectations.

The project started off on a very good note with your visit to the house where you provided a detailed explanation of the work required to rebuild the chimney and the process that would be followed.  You also took the time to answer my numerous questions.  That in itself gave me a great deal of confidence that the work would be done properly.  The fact that you came in as the lowest bidder of several companies only reinforced my willingness to go with Donovan’s Masonry.

This year’s rainy weather caused numerous delays in scheduling; however Lynne was very good in keeping me updated as to when I could expect the work to commence, working both around my availability and the weather.  I greatly appreciated her efforts in that regard.

In regards to the actual work that was completed, sometimes it’s the smaller things that make a difference.  As an example, I really appreciated the effort to minimize damage to the flower gardens during the setup of the scaffolding, going so far as to transplant some of the perennials to another part of the garden so that they would not be crushed.  This care and consideration for the property was maintained throughout as the jobsite was kept clean and uncluttered throughout the duration of the work and the cleanup afterwards was excellent.

The actual masonry work is top notch.  Looking from the ground the new chimney is impressive and a number of my neighbours have commented on the quality of the work.  When you actually get up on the roof and have a closer look you get an even better sense of the craftsmanship that went into the rebuild of the chimney.  The brick alignment is virtually perfect, the mortar joints are clean and uniform, the flashing and caulking are very well done, and the metal chimney cap is well constructed and aesthetically pleasing.

I truly appreciate the work that your team has done and would heartily recommend your company to anyone.

Charles Woudstra
Barrhaven, Ottawa

6 May 2018

Victor K. Rono

Donovan Masonry is an Ottawa-based masonry company which with the zeal of a missionary kind has strived to remain on the cutting edge by delivering majestic work to its clients. With wealth of experience spanning forty one years, Donovan Masonry has always given pride of place to customer satisfaction and as well a touch of finesse in the work they do. This is clear depiction on Donovan being the tailor made for the job. The experience has helped us grow over the decades and blossom to become the master in the game. It is through this that our clients have had a spark of a song in their hearts and joy in their faces for the exceptional work. This has gone a long way to create a forte of elegance and quality in what we do best. The dynamism in masonry comes along with great competition and as well different approach to customer needs. Donovan masonry has been and continues to be in tandem with the dynamics of masonry and being on top of the game. This has helped in getting many clients who have been left yearning for more and making references. In the heart of Donovan Mason Company is a glimmer of unwavering drive and unblemished dedication to deliver the best of the best. This journey isn’t without challenges and with our towering glory, hurdles have been there but the benefit of experience has gone a long way to develop nerves of steel and toughness to remain buoyant in the business. The founder, Donovan continues to use his vast experience of forty one years to guide and give sterling prospects on matters masonry to his team which is comprised of diligent men and women. Through the testimonials in our site , Clients who have been satisfied get to share their experiences on the touch of professionalism and classical work put into their projects courtesy of Donovan masonry. In the coming times ahead, Donovan masonry will continue to harbor a spirit of passion, zeal and drive to deliver the best of its ability and become a citadel of greatness in masonry. Success is our portion because Donovan masonry has been tested, proven and stamped.

5 February 2013

Donovan Masonry
4034 Ninth Line Road
Winchester, ON  K0C 1K0

Dear Donovan:

My letter is, most regrettably, very long overdue.  Unquestionably it is in total conflict with our immense and total satisfaction with the quality of your work with regard to our total chimney restoration project completed by you and your outstanding team. 

It goes without saying that a very thorough visual assessment was followed up with a comprehensive and detailed competitive restoration proposal.  This, along with copies of detailed and glowing testimonials of the quality of chimney/brick work completed by Donovan Masonry, made the choice of the Donovan team an obvious decision and for your efforts we are most grateful.

All work was completed to a very high quality, including safety, due regard for a large shingle area roofing surrounding the chimney and a detailed clean-up of all adjacent areas at the project completion.  Your employees are true gentlemen, they know their job and do it to perfection, but they also know how to deal with customers and very easily generate utmost confidence on behalf of the home owner’s interests.

Given the age of our rural home, it was not a total surprise that the original brick was no longer available.  We thank Donovan for coming up with two possible and acceptable options.  It is rather amazing but the difference is not even noticeable and the concrete cap and chimney caps have topped off the project in a superb fashion.

We are most grateful to Donovan Masonry for your clearly demonstrated professional restoration of this chimney project.  We most strongly endorse your services to anyone requiring confirmation of your expertise and high quality brick work. 


Dave & Esther Ganderton
Ottawa, Ontario

We bought an old house in the Glebe and the stone rubble foundation was in much need of repair. We are first-time homeowners and so ended up using Google to find Donovan Masonry. We had a few other companies/owners come in to give us a quote (some of which were cheaper), but no one gave us the confidence that they would do the job once and do it right like Donovan Masonry. We felt comfortable enough to leave them our front door keys to allow them to help themselves in and out and they were fine with our dog hanging around and surprisingly gracious when he peed on their sand bags.

Donovan and his assistant did a great job at removing the parging that had been applied by the previous owners as a 'quick fix'. They also completed the job on time and on budget, kept their worksite tidy and were great at communicating how things were going. Now that the basement is finished we know the foundation will be solid for years to come, and we unreservedly recommend him to anyone needing masonry work. Donovan is "old school" and tradesmen like him are hard to come by these days - who appreciate the beauty of a long job when it's done, and aren't looking for the quick or cheap fix.

Monique Moreau & Phil Gauvin

Two years ago I contracted Donovan Masonry to rebuild my chimney which was cracked and crumbling. He was kind enough to provide photos of the work in progress, explaining what had caused the damage and also giving recommendations that made sense to us. His expertise and craftsmanship was apparent in the finished product and the chimney looks beautiful and connects seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Based on that first experience, I decided to ask Donovan and his crew to re-do my foundation. This was a big job and took them quite a while but it was easy to see why -- my foundation now looks amazing, better than I ever thought it could. The care that Donovan and his crew took in order to keep the area clean, keep our plants safe, and produce their work was absolutely top-notch, far better than I would have expected from any contractor. I am 100% satisfied and impressed with Donovan Masonry's services, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Stephen Powell
1162 Field St

December 14, 2012

Dear Donovan,

I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the work you’ve done at my
home in Elmvale Acres. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the way you operate your
business and the service you’ve provided me. The quality of your work is outstanding
and my property is left in such impeccable condition that there is no evidence of your
crew having been there, apart from the beautiful masonry work. The years of experience
and dedication you have for your craft is truly evident from the moment you discuss an
estimate right down to the completed job.

I also appreciate your honesty, integrity, and the level of respect you show for your
clients. You truly are a man of your word and it was so nice to deal with someone who is
not only passionate and proficient, but also trustworthy and reliable.

It has been a pleasure to deal with you and Lynne, and I will highly recommend you to
anyone I know who is looking to have masonry work done.

Once again, thanks!

Erika B.
Ottawa, Ontario

Late in 2011, we realized that we needed to have some repair work done to our chimney.  Given the time of the year, we felt that we would likely not be able to get the repairs done until well into 2012.  However, we felt that we needed to at least get the process started and we requested estimates from a number of companies.  Among these companies was Donovan Masonry.  

After his examination, Donovan clearly articulated the extent of deterioration of the chimney and what would have to be done to repair it.  

Unlike some of the other companies we contacted, Donovan explained that it would not be necessary to rebuild the chimney to its then existing height.  This resulted in a reduced cost to have the repairs completed.   The weather was not very cooperative and it appeared as though we would not be able to get the repairs completed prior to sometime in 2012.   However, as Christmas approached, there was one day that he deemed suitable for the repair work. 

He and his crew arrived and completed the work on that day.  We were very impressed with the professionalism of Donovan and his crew.  Safety was the watchword and this was in evidence throughout the day.  The young man who undertook the actual repair work was very thorough and paid close attention to detail.  

Concurrently, Donovan remained at the site for much of the day.  This was not a reflection of any misgivings about his crew.  Quite the contrary, he had nothing but praise for the young tradesmen on site and he has full confidence in them.  This was/is rather representative of his philosophy of business; to ensure, as the owner of the company, that the company's high standards are maintained on every job. His on-site presence allows him to provide his personal assurance that the job is completed to those high standards.

By the end of the day, the repair work was completed.  We were very impressed with the workmanship.  

The crew took care to ensure that the site was thoroughly cleaned of any debris.  From beginning to end they approached their work with care and pride; undoubtedly the same way they would have if they had been working on their own homes.  

Having Donovan Masonry complete this repair project on our home was truly a positive experience.  

To you and your crew, Donovan, thanks again!

Frank & Cathy Marley

August 12, 2011

We didn't know very much about that exposed strip of foundation around the perimeter of houses except that ours appeared to be in worse shape than most.  Then there was also the growing number of water-damaged bricks. The cracking, the pealing, and the chipping—left alone, we suspected this would not end well for our home and biggest investment.  We needed professional help.

Enter Donovan:  Experienced master of his craft, he knew exactly what was needed.  And, equally important, he shared that knowledge with us in a clearly written summary of the steps he would take to repair our foundation—not foundations in general, but ours in particular. Donovan's respect for our home's unique needs for repair certainly inspired confidence.  For our part, we appreciated having a thorough understanding of what would be involved, what would be the result...what we were paying for. 

Throughout the restoration Donovan kept us informed about each step as it was completed and about what was next. It involved a great deal of difficult, sometimes backbreaking work that was masterfully and efficiently executed by Donovan and his crew, who defined professionalism throughout.

The result:  There's not a broken brick in sight, and we now have perfectly fitted concrete sills that enhance the appearance of our house immeasurably. As for the newly parged foundation, it's now a part of our house we want to show off instead of hide.  And by understanding all the steps it took to make it beautiful, we also know the repair is not merely cosmetic—it's substantial.
Despite the fresh parging and new bricks, our house looks perfected, not patched. This has truly been a superb restoration thanks to Donovan's expertise, care, patience and pride in excellent workmanship. What a difference! 

Homeowners with concerns about preserving the life and value of their biggest investment can turn to Donovan Masonry with complete confidence—and we're very glad we were among those who did.  Our restoration was a positive experience from start to finish in every respect.

Eva B.
Navan, Ontario

9 June 2011

Donovan Masonry
4034 Ninth Line Rd
Winchester, ON
K0C 2K0

Dear Don,
I wanted to thank you once again for the very professional job that you did re-pointing bricks and repairing damaged parging on my house.  It was clear to me from your initial visit for the estimate that you were dedicated to quality craftsmanship and that you were not prepared to cut corners on materials or workmanship.  After your visit, I felt that you had made a thorough examination of the damage, gave me a very helpful explanation of the complexity of the work required and a fair price to effect those repairs to the high standards that we both desired.  I felt very confident that I understood the work and the costs when I signed your clear and detailed contract.

The actual workmanship was even more impressive.  All defective materials were removed and the surfaces were well-prepared to receive the new mortar.  The new mortar was colour-matched to the point that the new could not be distinguished from the old.  And most impressive was your very kind undertaking to repair on the spot and  without further charge, a considerable amount of additional parging and pointing damage that was not apparent during the estimate.  That you did this excellent work on a day of record breaking Humidex readings speaks volumes for your focus and craftsmanship. 

All in all, it was a very impressive display of technical knowledge and skill, as well as excellent interpersonal and business sense.  It was a pleasure to do business with you and I strongly recommend you to others considering any masonry work.

Please feel free to use this note in your promotional materials as you have earned my highest endorsement for quality work at a reasonable price.  I will definitely be coming back to you when new work is required.

Yours truly,

Mark Skidmore
3014 Apple Hill Drive
Ottawa, ON 
K1T 3Z2  

Niamh & Steve St. Amant
1225 Adirondack Dr
Ottawa, ON

K2C 2V5

Donovan Syryduk
4034 Ninth Line Rd.
Winchester, Ontario


19 April 2011

Dear Donovan,

Niamh and I wanted to write to you to say thank-you very much for your outstanding work that you've just completed for us. We are extremely impressed with the work we received and we're amazed at how good our chimney looks -our neighbors . point out that it really looks brand new!

I must apologize for not getting back to you sooner to seal the deal but we wanted to ensure we were hiring the right person. As I pointed out to you while you were here, the mason we hired last year was an absolute failure. Given this circumstance, you can well imagine the skepticism we have when tradesmen working on our house. After viewing your work, however, it's nice to see people can still fInd tradesmen with applicable "old school" skills, honesty and integrity. It is plain to see that you have pride in your work and justifIably so.

Watching you conduct your craft was certainly interesting and I was very impressed at how quickly and efficiently you did your work. Furthermore, I was also pleased to have you explain your craft as you undertook the repairs to my chimney. This is important to me as I fInd many contractors are not overly keen to be watched by their clients. Answering my questions certainly alleviated any apprehensions I had regarding your work. I was also impressed with the way you presented yourself with a pressed shirt, clean shaven, and properly attired for the work. I cannot tell you many times unkempt people showed up to my house to do quotes. Needless to say, fIrst impressions count!

In closing, you're a superb craftsman and I sincerely appreciate your work. I would also be more than happy to recommend your services to any of my friends in the Ottawa area.

Steve St. Amant

Paul and Aleksandra Kozak
42 Capilano Dr.
Nepean, ON
K2E 6G4

Donovan Complete Masonry Services
C/o Donovan Syryduk
6948 Sunset Blvd.
Greely, ON
K4P lC5

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dear Donovan:

I write you this letter today to both thank you and complement you on your work. Despite
poor weather, job setbacks and a few misunderstandings, you finished the job both to
completion and to my full satisfaction. Please feel free to show this letter to others, as I
want them to know what a good job you did for us.

First of all, I was impressed how, from the moment you started, you proceeded with the
job in an ordered and consistent manner. You informed me of exactly when you were
going to be working and stuck to your word. I appreciated the fact that you showed up on
time for work, put in a solid days work each and every day and then cleaned up at the end
so that we could continue ‘living’ in our house while the work was being done.

I also found you to be very personable and appreciated the time you devoted to
entertaining my curious children as they watched you work. Indeed, you became a part of
our family during the time of the job and we thank you.

I also want to let others know how good of a job you did. The precision of your work and
the experience you demonstrated were impressive. You turned a tired old house into a
model home and removed at least 40 years of age off my 50 year old home. We are now
proud to come home and love how it looks.

Once again, thank you for the excellent restoration work you provided us.


M.P.Th., B.Ed., B.Th. (civil), B.Th. (Ecc.), Cert. Ph.
Chaplaincy Leader, All Saints High School

Tuesday August 19, 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

The stonework and chimney at the front of our house were sadly deteriorated and in need of urgent
restoration. It is an important architectural feature of our 90-year old home and we were very
concerned that the job be done to a standard, particularly since portions of it had been
disfigured by unskilled repairs over the years. The job was further complicated by the 40-foot height
of the chimney and the fact that we are located on a very busy street with a small front yard and
vibrations from passing buses. We also wanted to maintain the character provided by the original
grapevine mortar joints.

Like most people in this situation we sought the advice of others and we asked several contractors
for quotes. Some contractors were intimidated by the project and declined to quote and the quotes
that we did receive varied significantly in price and detail. Donovan Complete Masonry was not the
lowest bidder, but from the outset we were impressed by their professionalism and attention to
detail. They carefully explained what was required for a proper restoration that would both look
good and stand the test of time and their quotation stood out from the competition in that it fully
explained the scope of the work to be performed. With hind sight, the best decision that we made
was to entrust Donovan with the work.

Watching the work was an education in itself and it became clear that stone masonry was more of an
art than a trade. Great care was taken in removing the old mortar so as to not damage the stones
and the painstaking attention to detail in fabricating the new grapevine mortar joints resulted in our
stonework being restored to its original glory. While scaffolding is an inevitable fact of this type of
work we were very appreciative that the jobsite was cleaned daily and kept clear of debris.

Our positive impression of Donovan Complete Masonry did not end with this project. We also
asked for their help the following year to repair damage caused by another contractor when
adjoining stucco was removed. Despite being very busy with other major projects, Donavan readily
made these minor repairs in a fashion clearly demonstrating pride in their work (even past
work) and a commitment to customer service.

In conclusion, we would strongly recommend Donovan Complete Masonry to anyone who values
quality and wants their masonry project done right, the first time.


Cvord & Monique Loney
367 Main Street
Ottawa, ON K1SlE2

I wanted to write to tell you how absolutely pleased we are with the masonry restoration work you completed on our home. The brick and stone repairs, the fireplace re-pointing, the paint removal, the restoration cleaning and the exterior re-pointing work are all outstanding. We honestly could not be more satisfied.

As you are aware, renovations can be taxing and our house has been no exception. We have had many different contractors working on our house in the past year and I can state with absolute certainty that you are the best. Laura and I have high expectations and in the past, some of the contractors working on the house have told us that our expectations are too high. I am the first to admit that we are demanding and we expect a high level of service. However, in the case of your masonry work, you not only met our high expectations but you exceeded them.

From the outset, your proposal was professional and informative, outlining what work was to be completed and why it needed to be done. The samples you provided together with the photographic documentation ensured that everyone understood from the outset what was to be completed. You started the job as promised, worked consistently and professionally and finished the job on time, as promised. Throughout the job your workmanship was of the highest caliber. You demonstrated consistently that you understood your craft and most importantly, that you cared a great deal about the work you provided.

I rarely meet someone I can honestly recommend but in your case I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for and exceptional mason. Thanks again for such great work.

Rick Hopkins
B.E.S., B.Arch.

When I started looking for a professional to repoint the stone foundation of my 100+ year old house, I was unclear about what was needed.

Lynne from Donovan Masonry returned my calls promptly. She and Donovan provided a detailed quote when promised and supplied a lot of related information that helped me to understand the process and the people who would be doing the work.

When the work was to be done, the crew showed up when they said they would and quickly got to work. The job went well and the work area was cleaned up when complete. Even the retired brick layer who is building next to me was impressed with the workmanship. The foundation looks great, and I hope to have Donovan fix up my brick next year.

Dave Brown, Ottawa

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