Decorative custom colored foundations

It is important to note that our customers and builders are able to choose the colour they want to decorate their foundations with.

Many homeowners and builders do not realize that the foundations do not have to be a typical grey colour. Instead homeowners and builders now can have a choice of over 20 different colours to decorate their foundation with.

New or old foundations can have a complete facelift with our many custom colours to choose from. It is a high-built, waterbased, elastomeric, 100% acrylic, waterproof coating (not paint).

This imported product is used for protecting and decorating and does all of the below mentioned items:

  1. It also elongates over 300% to bridge dynamic cracks and retains its flexibility for years.
  2. Sand texture provide impact and abrasion resistance and also hides imperfections.
  3. Resistant to wind-driven rain. It helps prevent water penetration into the substrate.
  4. It is breathable, which allows water vapor to escape from the structure; prevents peeling and blistering.
  5. High resistance to dirt pickup, allowing for low maintenance.
  6. It has excellent colour retention and UV resistance.
  7. It is internally plasticized, which retains its flexibility for durable service.
  8. It is a carbon-dioxide diffusion barrier (16 mils equal to 8” concrete cover).
  9. Can be used over concrete structures, Portland cement plaster and brick and concrete masonry units.
  10. Environmentally friendly.

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