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Welcome to Donovan Complete Masonry

For over 3 decades we have been creating new faces for old friends by advising, repairing, restoring, rebuilding and replacing!

Donovan Masonry is an Ottawa-based masonry company basing its proven reputation on undisputable facts with over 35 years of impeccable masonry service, punctuality, craftsmanship and never using sub standard materials to win any contract.  A superior masonry job does not have to mean unreasonable pricing.  With over three decades of business under our belts and with many years of knowledge and experience, Donovan realized that people do really care how much you know and also how much you care for their home.

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Our company realizes that success does not come easy in business. It takes vision, ingenuity, leadership and drive. Add hard work, value, creation, strategic planning and commitment to quality. We should never forget the responsiveness to change. Finally, success requires meticulous attention to the bottom line: customer satisfaction.

Our masonry services extend from brick and stone pointing, brick cleaning, brick replacement, foundation repairs and foundation parging, foundation waterproofing, structural concrete work and drainage systems, chimney repairs and rebuilding (most chimneys do not need replacing), chimney sweeping and custom sheet metal chimney caps.

You can do all the right things and work 24 hours a day, but if customers are not happy with your products, your services or your way of doing business, you are in trouble.  To experience the difference, call us at Donovan Complete Masonry anytime at 613-783-1949, or complete our Request a Quote form.


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Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds

Never tear down your chimney without our free consultation.
Complete chimney rebuilds if necessary.

Foundation Reparging with Custom Colours To Choose From

Brick Pointing and Brick Cleaning

Our brick pointing is done completely freehand with iron rods, layer upon layer. No caulking tubes or squeeze bags ever used.